Developing Writing Proficiency in “DISCOURSE”

Dr. Haiyan Fu
Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago

 April 19, 2014
8:50 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Thompson 101
University of Washington

Registration must be completed by April 10th.

Writing is an important communicative skill. Higher levels language proficiency examinations such as AP Chinese or IB tests demand demonstration of good writing skills.

This workshop will be discussing how to develop students’ writing proficiency in “Discourses”. Here, the “Discourse” refers to 3 contexts of teaching and learning: vertical curricular; holistic or integrated language use; and specific cohesive and logical development of the ideas.

This discussion will focus on considerations, strategies and instructional tips that guide the teaching and learning in classroom in terms of content, instruction, and assessment.

Classroom practice, such as concrete lesson plans, instructional steps and student work will be demonstrated. Participants are encouraged to share ideas or relevant materials during discussions.

西雅图华盛顿大学将于2014年4月19日举办汉语教学讲座。主讲人为傅海燕老师。讲座的主题为“通过课堂实践来培养和提高学生的写作能力”。傅老师倡导通过纵向的课程设计、综合语言运用、与具体的写作训练来培养及提高学生的写作能力和水平。傅老师将从教学内容、教学设计步骤及方法、教学评估手段三方面展示并分析具体的课堂教与学;并将无保留地与参会老师分享自己的课堂教学的设想,教案,教学步骤、安排, 及学生的作品。希望有益于与会汉语老师进一步辅导学生在AP与IB等类型测试中写出主题清楚,组织完整顺畅的文章,并且更加了解如何引导学生提高自我表达的技巧和能力。与会老师有机会参与讨论和分享自己的教学体会、经验。

*The program will be conducted in Mandarin

To ensure attendance, there is a $10 registration fee that will be returned to each participant on the day of the workshop. Registration includes six Washington State clock hours and a box lunch. To receive clock hours you need to sign in, attend the entire workshop, and fill out the workshop evaluation form. There will be no partial clock-hours given.

This event is sponsored by the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, East Asia Center, East Asia Resource Center, and the Department of Asian Languages and Literature.